Making the World a Good Place

We are proud to announce our project :

Making the World a Good Place!!

This is a project to help keep David Archuleta fans reaching out to others all over the world who are in need  while David’s doing the same on his mission.  It will take sacrifices of our own time but the end result of putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless.

It’s OUR TURN to make a difference in our own communities!!  

There are many ways you can do this. Here are just a few examples but BE CREATIVE!!

~ Helping an elderly neighbor by going shopping or planting flowers for them

~participate in a charity 5K run

~Helping a friend in need, could be an Archie friend!!

~Dropping off some books/toys at a family shelter or hospital

   There is no good deed that is too small to qualify for this project!!

 We want to hear all about the good everyone is doing so please submit your story to the email created for this project.

 Send a photo or two if you have any!  We are going to be creating an online journal of all the stories in the near future..details to follow.

• Please keep your story  to around 100 words and maximum 2 photos so we can fit everyone’s amazing projects!!

 ALL who participate will receive an awareness bracelet saying:

 “Good Place #DA2014” as well as a personalized certificate!!


 We can’t wait to hear about your good deeds to help  “Make the world a GOOD PLACE!!”

  All good deeds/service projects can be emailed to

Please include  your address if you are interested in an awareness bracelet. 

Thanks to ALL who have been working really hard to help with this project: Karin, ArchieFanDoc, Pastel, and ‘Behind the Scenes”.

Thank you and God Bless!

Any questions? Email us or send a tweet t0:  @wendynjafac 

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