As you probably know already Archuleta Fan Scene as well as Angels for a Cause are shutting down for various reasons.  I wanted to take the time to thank many people and if I leave anyone out by name, I apologize.

1) Todd, ArchieFanDoc, and Cheryl W for starting this amazing concept called Angels for a Cause.  There is no better way to respect and honor David than to support his love of helping others and giving back.  When I walked in, you already had AFAC up and running and I just joined the ride and what a ride it became… a ride I will never forget! Countless late night phone calls tweaking projects, mailing out auction items and prizes to all parts of the world (I am an expert an international shipping now lol), the excitement when a new project was “born” . If one of us had an idea, the other 2 could add onto it in minutes and within a day it was created!! If only it was that easy with my real life job co-workers!!

2) I’d like to thank all the people that helped with numerous projects either by donating items or adding their own ideas to make a project even better. I will name a few but I am sure I will forget someone so I apologize… Sharon M., Stephanie B, Jana OR, Jen Barry, Karin, Hanne from Denmark, Gail, Juan, Harold, and many more!! Thank you Pastel and Suttygal for generously posting the projects on FOD very quickly!

3) I’d like to thank David and the Archuleta family for their continued support of AFAC and all the projects including RSO Pathway of Hope, CMN Music for Smiles, Invisible Children, Plane to Haiti, Tree of Hope, searching for a match for Jonah Gomez, and more.  Thank you for donating items to be used for various projects.

5) Last but most importantly… Thank you to the FANS from all over the world!! Your generosity over the years amazed me during each and every project!! Donating over $40,000 to RSO over the years, buying many bricks for the Pathway of Hope while David visited India to the point that RSO contacted me to say they were having a hard time keeping up! Donating over 1,000 TOSOD CDs for the children in the CMN Hospitals, one of my all time favorite projects! Many fans got tested to see if they were a bone marrow match for Jonah (his mom was speechless).  David has the most amazing, generous fans in the world and I have witnessed your magic for many years and you continue to amaze me with this current Good Place Project. YOU have all helped change the world!!

The Good Place Project will continue to run until David returns.  Email me your stories of doing good and I will gladly post on here as well as mail you a #DA2014 Good Place bracelet while supplies last.

My last wish is that even after Good Place ends, continue to do good and live your life helping others.  If you have any charity projects of your own, I will gladly post on here and tweet about it!! Be sure to follow AFAC on twitter as well as Good Place!

This ride has been amazing…but its time to get off and move on… there is lots of good to be done!