feed the hungry
Hello my fellow Archies,
Couldn’t resist including my story of the last couple years. I started volunteering for my church in 2011 and continue to do so today. I act as the morning receptionist and answer phones and assist around the office, but my greatest reward comes from helping the poor of the community who come in each day for food donations.
My church has a food closet program that offers a monthly emergency bag to each household that comes in to the office to request one as well as a larger once-a-month Saturday distribution where each person receives two bags. Seeing the smile on each person’s face and knowing I’m making a difference by being there so that they can get food for their families is incredibly gratifying.
Recently we’ve had one regular who was diagnosed with end stage cancer. I’ve become fond of him over the months that he’s come in and have been looking out for him since his diagnosis, making sure he gets something each time he comes in. It does my heart good to know that I’m giving him comfort in his last days. His smile when we chat is like God’s light. 
My church also presented me with the opportunity to volunteer at a camp for the developmentally disabled in NorCal last summer. This was another extremely gratifying experience as I have always felt a kinship with the differently-abled population. And on top of my church works, my career also provides an opportunity for them as I tutor at-risk children throughout my hometown and neighboring communities. I feel David’s inspiration every day and will continue to bring it with me in all I do.