helping hands

 Today on my way to work I saw a homeless person standing in front of Dunkin Donuts.
It was frigid out today and he looked very cold and was just standing there.

As I went into Dunkin Donuts to get my latte, I was thinking of my Mom who just passed away Dec. 27th and had her funeral on New Year’s Eve. She was a very thoughtful, giving sweet person like David. I was thinking of my Mom and David and I decided to buy an extra cup of coffee to give to that man.

When I came out he was gone. So I walked around looking for him. I said to myself, he couldn’t have gone
very far now. So I went to the corner and looked…nothing. I walked a block and went to another corner
and looked and nothing. So, just as I was about to give up and didn’t know what to do with this extra cup
of coffee in my hand I walked to my job and lo and behold there was the man walking right my way.

I went up to him and said: “Excuse me but I bought this cup of coffee for you. I saw you standing outside
Dunkin Donuts and you looked really cold…so Merry Christmas.” The man had no teeth but smiled a cute
little smile at me and said oohhh thank you very much. I said, your welcome. I actually went looking for you.
We just smiled at each other and both wished each other a good day.

It really made me feel good to do that.
I did it because I was thinking of My Mom and David. I was thinking about the kind, thoughtful, gentle ways they
both have and how they affect other people’s lives with their generosity of spirit.


~A Dedicated David Fan helping others