I want to share my experience when I decided to donate my blood.
One day I accompanied my father to donate blood. I saw several other patients in there. At first, I thought it would hurt, but they feel pain more, because they need blood for their bodies to fight the disease. The question arose…what can I do to be useful to others? I’m a student but being well educated is not enough if I does not serve the public. And then I decided to donate my own blood. The second time I donate, I fainted after donation, but it did not lower my spirits to assist people in need of blood. I dont want to get the award, but the safety of every soul is what I want to strive for. The Third time I donated is when the father of my best friend needs blood for his illness. Now he’s gone, even so I was proud of myself  because I can be useful to my best friend.

Above is a photo taken while he was recovering. Around him is my best friend 🙂

My name Is Ellis  I am from Indonesia.

~Editor’s note: For more information about donating blood,  find blood drives being held in your hometown.