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When I was in Junior High School, maybe I was a lazy student. But everything had changed when I was on 3rd Junior High School. Just because I would face the Final Examination, I had to overcome my lazyness and learned all  the material again that I didn’t understand before. For about 6 months,  I studied hard in order to make my scores go up and now I graduated from Junior High School. And the result, I got bearable scores and with a miracle from God  I could still be in a favorite High School in my hometown. And now, in my 1st class in High School I would be more diligent and always trying to reach for the good scores. And a month ago, I had just finished my 1st Final Semester Examination and the result is I got the 4th rank in my school. I was just surprised and happy, and so is my family! And right from this, I can make some definitions that the key of being a successful person is to be patient, always pray and  keep trying. Sometimes, success doesn’t come right away in our life.  However, it doesnt’t mean that God didn’t hear our wish but He only wants to test our patience.
~Adinda from Indonesia 😀