I want tell my story of what’s maybe the first time for me doing good.  I studied in a religious school and lived there since I was 10 until now.  I got some friends who I did not know before. They told me about this school. Everyday I was given motivation by my teacher on how to do good and how to make a friendship with someone.
One of my friends created an email account and facebook page for me that I used to share.  One of the first things I found was a new friend from the Philippines,  she loved David Archuleta too!  So we shared about David together.  Over time we shared about our life’s story, experiences, and    Although I could not give her anything material, I gave her motivation and helped with photo editing.  I also helped her with her problems with parents.  She felt she did not need her parents.  I told her when she grows up her parents will be grow old so you need to care about your parents.  I would chat with her to keep her company as she lived alone with just her brother.
We helped each other translating  – I translating Indonesian for her and she translating tagalog.I hope someday we can emulate David’s behavior towards his family, friends, and fans.