My sister, Riada, invited me to join her organization. She and her friends are volunteers who teach children in outback near our city.

Saturday, October 15 they planned to go there and my sister asked me to come with them. She said that they need me to teach Science (I’m a Physics Department student). And then I also asked two of my friends to come too. So that day we went to somewhere I didn’t know.

When we arrived, there were so many kids who come to study with us. Since they live far away from mid-town, they have to study by themselves because there are no courses there. There were a few kids who came to me and asked me to teach them. I was so happy because they trusted me to teach them. I taught them Bahasa and English (They didn’t want to learn science, haha).

When we finished our lesson, some more kids came to me and my friends, they chatted a little with us because they never met us before. They also taught us their local dialect. We were so happy because we could help them, they were really cute and smart kids. There’s no words that can represent my feelings about them. At last when we had to go back home, they asked us to come again next week. Ahh, so glad we could meet them. I never regret that I spent my weekend there and went to a strange place  because they made me happy.

~V.P. from Indonesia