That night, my family and I went to an out window restaurant.
We were happy to have dinner together in laugh , love and smile as we shared . In the middle of times, my little sister said ” Wow , this food is too much for our family” to my mom who said, “We can take a half for at home and re-heat for tomorrow but’s still too much “.
 We continue to take it easy and just enjoy it all .
Not before long , a boy comes in to stand beside our table . He sang a song with the stuff he had which were bottles and sand . “Excuse me, sir” he’s hoping  my dad would have change . My dad says  ” Wait a minute boy 🙂 ” and he whispered to me ” do you have any $?” I don’t either , but I  know how it feels , he looked so hungry and  we search for small change to buy a snack to fill him and also share with his friends , family and another so I said ” Why don’t we box our food for him , it’s worth more than just  small change . Do you mind?” My dad said “Oh Right ! Of course never mind . You can tell them to package it”  Glad that he agrees. I told the waiter to box half our food and then I gave to him . The boy said “Thank you sir , thank you sister ! ”  I was afraid that he would be disappointed  ” Do you like it? ”  I said.  He smiled and ran to his friend at the next table , They went home and shouted far away “Thank you!!” while shaking their hands.  It may not a big thing but what a good place we had with smiles and bringing happiness to people in this world.
                                               Lita from Indonesia 🙂