I work part time at a locally owned grocery store, part of my duties are customer courtesy counter sending western union and making money orders, anyway last week a gentleman came in to get a money order to send in his house payment, he had quite a few problems with his debit cards not working and he was over the limit as far as how much he could spend in a single day, he left to go get some cash to try and pay but was still unable to get enough, I felt bad and didn’t want him to have to leave again without his money orders so when he got the total left down to $21.00 I grabbed my own debit card and swiped it for the remaining amount.. The man thanked me and asked how much he owed me when he returned.. I asked him to just help someone else out if he ever had the opportunity some day and that was all the payment I needed..I left work feeling pretty good that night and wondered if David would have been proud of me..that’s when I remembered the good place project and thought I would share my story..