The National Pack Walk is September 29th in Washington D.C. with Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. I am very excited to participate in this event, it is for a very good cause. These poor abused animals need our help to stop the cruelty. I believe God gave us the animals as a gift to love and take care of, not to abuse and abandon when we grow tired of them. My hubby Denny, my granddaughter Trinity, who was lucky enough to dance with David on stage at the MCOPCT this past December and will be our pack leader, and hopefully my daughter Manda and other granddaughter Ariel will be my dog’s pack. By the way, I have a beautiful mini schnauzer I named Archie, so our pack is called Archie’s Pack”. Kinda of fitting isn’t it? Everything happens for a reason. I will get pictures when we are at the walk.

You can go to the website HERE to get more information. I think David would be pleased. His charity goes beyond humans, he too loves and appreciates animals.

I have also joined our community civic improvement association and I have been nominated for their board of directors. We are a small community, the 1st planned community in the country, planned for Glenn L Martins back in 1941.   I recently have taken over publishing their newsletter that is distributed throughout our community. It helps to keep our neighbors informed on community issues and pleasures.  We publish articles on health, a animal related column to help furry companions, recipes and articles of interest about our neighbors. We do “Adopt a Road” to keep our community clean.  I have learned so much from David’s charity.  He sets a good example for us all.  This is my good place.