This summer I decided to help some children in my neighborhood in English. This is the first time that I have been a learning instructor, and although my English is just bad, I hope that I can help them learn some basic English structures and words. It must be a difficult job for me and I have to try my best to make it through. However, the children are very excited to learn and I always feel happy when teaching them. They take in lessons quickly, but one of them is somewhat slower than the others. I’ve tried to help her catch up with her friends, but she was shy and never told me her problems if I didn’t ask her.This is the biggest problem that I have to face now, but I think I can solve it soon.
When I am doing this, I can also revise my knowledge and learn some more, too. Moreover, comunicating with the children brings a lot of fun. I can help them until August, when they have to be back to school.

Quynh Vu, Vietnam.