Reng…! Reng…!

I suddenly woke up and reached out to turn off the alarm clock, rubbed my eyes and ran out to the yard. That morning I had heard from the forecast that there would be a meteor shower that night, but it was 3am and there was still no sign of a meteor. I looked around and startled, Mrs.Lan’s house had already been lit up. It seemed that everyday she had to get up early to prepare the stocks. In my eyes, her life had been harsh and suffering. She was poor but had to bring up her children on her own, while her husband was addicted to gambling and alcohol, always drunken and beat his own wife and children. She had to bear the family burden. Inexplicably, I felt so sympathetic to her. 3am then 3.30am. Where is the falling star? Why hasn’t it appeared? Disappointed, I turned back to my bed. I could not sleep and couldn’t help thinking of her family, and wished that the falling stars out there would make her life more comfortable, then unconsciously I fell into sleep.

That afternoon when I was back home after a soccer match, I opened the fridge and had a cold drink. Then I went out to the yard to play with my puppies. Accidentally, I saw her sitting pensively with her sad eyes. At that moment more wrinkles appeared on this poor woman forehead. I felt so pitiful. I ran to her and asked her what had happened to her family. But she didn’t reply and looked far away. I insisted on her answering and finally she told me the problem. It was because she had two sons, of whom the elder was one year younger than me. He was in grade 11 this year and his brother was in grade 7. However, Mrs. Lan could afford only the textbooks for her younger son. She couldn’t manage to buy them for the other.

Suddenly I thouught about something of mine, I ran back home and took my former school year textbooks and offered them to her. I did not use them any longer so her son could take. It meant she didn’t have to worry about the money for his books. She was just so happy and thanked me continuously. I saw her smile again, the smile with happiness but still somewhat worries.

This was the first time that I had ever felt so happy like that. Maybe it was nothing great but I knew that no good deeds were too small. And, perhaps, happiness was not that far far away, it was in our own hands when we knew how to bring it to others.

~ Hector Tran