In life, we learn many things from others by helping them, so do I.
Last week, my family went out to have dinner at a small restaurant. While we were going inside, we saw a kid. He was about 7-8 years old. He asked us if we wanted to  buy chewing gums. I gave him some money because I just wanted to help the boy. But his reaction made me surprised. He said: “No, you must take the gums”. I didn’t. All of a sudden, he returned me the money, said thanks and walked away. I could catch up with him easily, then I invited him for a meal with my family. He smiled, such a beautiful smile!
Thanks to him, not only do I learn something about love, about self-respect but also give me a thought that lots of children are living in bad conditions. Therefore, I think together we should do things we can to help them so as to make the world a good place.

~Thieu-Giao Thanh Nguyen