I’ve been really excited to take part in the project. Then when I was
announced that I’d not have to take the university entrance exam, I
decided not to go back home but stay in the student hostel to help my
friends for about a month when they focus on studying before that most
important exam. Because they spend almost all their daytime for
studying, they have only a little time for cooking, cleaning house and
washing clothes or something like that. So I decided to do it all for
them then they have a little time to relax after studying. They’ve
been under great pressure and I hope I can help them in some way.
Serving as a little maid for my friends seems somewhat funny but it
has been awesome. I feel good when helping others and
thank you, David, for giving me the inspiration. No good thing is too
small to do and I hope to do some more. I could have had a photo
with my friends, but they were just too shy, haha. Next time I’ll help
my neighbors on farm because the harvest is coming. That time I must
attach a picture :)). My summertime has been fantastic with trying to
be a good person in a good place 🙂 

~Quynh Vu