27th May 2012 is a memorable day that brought us so many different emotions. It was the day when 6 of us, Vietnamese Arch Angels doing charity work for the first time, inspired by David Archuleta.

We went to National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi to give children patients milk cartons, candy, picture books, coloring books, crayons and various kinds of interesting knowledge books for childen. We also got to visit the playing room to make some cute Get Well Soon cards and put them on the glass-cases. The hospital is really huge so we chose to visit only Clinical Haematology and Cancer Ward. The children patients were from newborns to 7-8 years old. We did not get to know each patient’s desease or how hard their situation was. The patients in Cancer Ward almost lost all of their hair, they looked so pale and tired. Some of them would have to stay at hospital for at least a month. While patients at Clinical Haematology were mainly newborns. We felt heart-broken feeling each of their pain. But this may surprise you- almost all of the patients, except ones who were sleeping or having a fever, were so happy when they received a gift bag from us. And they were so eager that they opened their bag right away, and enjoyed their  candies or milk even when we were still there. That made us feel nothing but so good!

Leaving brave children patients, we hoped that our visit helped brighten their Sunday, and made them feel love and care from others. We planned this activity before “Making the World a Good Place” project was launched. We are all inspired by David Archuleta, a young man with a big heart and a beautiful soul who has done many charity works. His smile makes us happy, his voice warms our hearts, and his good deeds are making the world a good place. Thanks to him, we comprehend that doing charity work makes us feel good knowing we can help others.

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