My project was giving donations to the orphans. Actually, it’s wasn’t
MY project but it’s OUR project, because i did it with my classmates.
there is 44 students in my class. So we collected our pocket money,
and also our old clothes. Planned to donating it to the orphanage.
After all the stuff and everything’s ready, we went to the orphanage, i
forgot that name but we  really had fun there. We sang together,
played games and had lunch together. It was feel good to see their
Well, I got 2 lesson from them. First, they made me realize how lucky I am
to still have parents, and how important they are. Second, never
give up on your life. The orphans, they had lost their most important
person in their life, but they didn’t give up, they continue their
life, they keep going on to reach their dreams. And I hope one day,
they will.

Dini from Indonesia 🙂