Normally, I try my best, everyday, to help people….. usually friends at school in day-to-day things. Since this GoodPlace project started, I was onto looking for something big I could help out in. So I figured to do something ‘Big’ I need help myself….. I gathered up a few friends and all of us started to make our community a “good place”. A few days ago we set up a fund raising in our local park and donated the money to an orphanage. We are still helping others every day especially the old people.

   Other than that my dad is a doctor, who thinks “Laughter is the best medicine”. So he’s always making people laugh…. whenever he sees a person, shopkeeper, or anyone in that case, he somehow manages to make them forget their worries.

   My mom is a playing a huge part in helping the community. She is a professor in English and recently, she has organized a society (which mostly includes her colleagues) which has the main idea of spreading education among the poor. So, every day after coming home, she provides free tuitions for about 15 kids. They even go twice a week to visit all the poor families and try to make a connection between them and the world.

   This is my family’s small role to make this world a GoodPlace…… I think if every family does so, our world will never feel pain. And it really is true that one never receives more pleasure in anything than in helping others. This amazing project made me do something worthwhile for the world I live in…. and I am proud to be “An Angel for a Cause”!