Hello Arch Angels! Here is just one of many things I plan to do to help make the world a better place.
My daughter…Veronica had to have her tonsils taken out a few weeks ago. It was at the same Childrens
Hospital in Aurora CO that I sent all those CDs to during that one project that Wendy had going for gifting hospitals TOSOD CDs.

I decided to order some Chords of Strength books and TOSOD Cd’s for the kids at the Hospital. Then we were at the store and Veronica said “what about the younger kids”? So she picked out a few toys and color books and toys to
take with us to the hospital. We didn’t take any pics while giving the stuff. I had to take it to the volunteers office
and we were running late checking in. *story of my life* lol. I must say…that hospital is AMAZING!!

This is not a huge thing…but the kids will def love the books and CDs I bet;) I plan on doing more
to help make the world a GOOD PLACE.