Deb (TO Fan/ Snowangelzz) is truly making a difference in the lives of many by doing a good deed each day!! She started this project back in June of 2008!!  She is up to day #661 of doing great things for others and being a great example for all to follow. Please visit her blog and read all about the GOOD she has done…it may give you an idea of how YOU can do the same to make the world a GOOD PLACE!!

To visit her blog, click here.  Here is the introduction taken from her blog:

“You must be the change if you wish to see it in the world.”
— Ghandi

You may think performing one good deed a day is easy. Not so much for me, I’m afraid. I’m pretty good at being nice to family and friends, but strangers? They usually terrify me. The one time I stopped to help a blind lady across the street, I was so focused on the path ahead of me that I walked the woman straight into a trash can.

So going into this, I know it won’t be easy. Let’s just say I ain’t Oprah. My “Big Give” is usually to myself — but I’m trying to change that, one small gesture at a time. I’m hoping others will join me on this endeavour and let me know any random acts of kindness you’ve tried or have been offered to you.

Thanks so much to Deb/TO Fan from Snowangelzz and keep up the great work!!!