I recently did a good deed…I made lunch for a homeless man named James today, who sits @ the corner of Panera Bread in Tampa where I live. I asked him his name & introduced myself.  We shook hands & I told him about my dog.  He was so grateful to me for making him a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich & a  NutraGrain bar.  I explained to him that while I had recently become homeless myself & I didn’t have much, I wanted to share with him what I did have.  It’s the smallest acts of kindness that go a long way!

I, myself, was then blessed by an angel of mercy today.  After hearing my story, the nurse @ my doctor’s office followed me out to my car,asked me to get change for the $100 bill she handed me & told me to keep $40 for myself.  When I came back with the money she handed me another $20 & told me to keep $60.  I was overwhelmed with her act of kindness & generosity!!