Making the World a Good Place

Welcome! It’s a Good Place!

Making the World a Good Place!!

“You find it…

You hold it…

You feel its Grace”

This is a project to help keep David Archuleta fans reaching out to others all over the world who are in need  while David’s doing the same on his mission.  It will take sacrifices of our own time but the end result of putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless.

It’s OUR TURN to make a difference in our own communities!!  

There are many ways you can do this. Here are just a few examples but BE CREATIVE!!

~ Helping an elderly neighbor by going shopping or planting flowers for them

~Participate in a charity 5K run

~Helping a friend in need, could be an Archie friend!!

~Dropping off some books/toys at a family shelter or hospital

   There is no good deed that is too small to qualify for this project!!

 We want to hear all about the good everyone is doing so please submit your story to the email created for this project.

 Send a photo or two if you have any!  We are going to be creating an online journal of all the stories in the near future..details to follow.

• Please keep your story  to around 100 words and maximum 2 photos so we can fit everyone’s amazing projects!!

 ALL who participate will receive an awareness bracelet saying:

 “Good Place #DA2014” as well as a personalized certificate!!


 We can’t wait to hear about your good deeds to help  “Make the world a GOOD PLACE!!”

 ** All good deeds/service projects can be emailed to**

**Please include  your address if you are interested in an awareness bracelet**

**Please put your first name and brief good deed description in the email**

Thanks to ALL who have been working really hard to help with this project:

Karin, ArchieFanDoc, Pastel, ‘Behind the Scenes”, Wendy and Todd P.

Thank you and God Bless!

~Team “It’s a Good Place/#DA2014”

Any questions? Email us or send a tweet to: @DA2014GOODPLACE





Thank you from AFAC for an Amazing Ride!!


As you probably know already Archuleta Fan Scene as well as Angels for a Cause are shutting down for various reasons.  I wanted to take the time to thank many people and if I leave anyone out by name, I apologize.

1) Todd, ArchieFanDoc, and Cheryl W for starting this amazing concept called Angels for a Cause.  There is no better way to respect and honor David than to support his love of helping others and giving back.  When I walked in, you already had AFAC up and running and I just joined the ride and what a ride it became… a ride I will never forget! Countless late night phone calls tweaking projects, mailing out auction items and prizes to all parts of the world (I am an expert an international shipping now lol), the excitement when a new project was “born” . If one of us had an idea, the other 2 could add onto it in minutes and within a day it was created!! If only it was that easy with my real life job co-workers!!

2) I’d like to thank all the people that helped with numerous projects either by donating items or adding their own ideas to make a project even better. I will name a few but I am sure I will forget someone so I apologize… Sharon M., Stephanie B, Jana OR, Jen Barry, Karin, Hanne from Denmark, Gail, Juan, Harold, and many more!! Thank you Pastel and Suttygal for generously posting the projects on FOD very quickly!

3) I’d like to thank David and the Archuleta family for their continued support of AFAC and all the projects including RSO Pathway of Hope, CMN Music for Smiles, Invisible Children, Plane to Haiti, Tree of Hope, searching for a match for Jonah Gomez, and more.  Thank you for donating items to be used for various projects.

5) Last but most importantly… Thank you to the FANS from all over the world!! Your generosity over the years amazed me during each and every project!! Donating over $40,000 to RSO over the years, buying many bricks for the Pathway of Hope while David visited India to the point that RSO contacted me to say they were having a hard time keeping up! Donating over 1,000 TOSOD CDs for the children in the CMN Hospitals, one of my all time favorite projects! Many fans got tested to see if they were a bone marrow match for Jonah (his mom was speechless).  David has the most amazing, generous fans in the world and I have witnessed your magic for many years and you continue to amaze me with this current Good Place Project. YOU have all helped change the world!!

The Good Place Project will continue to run until David returns.  Email me your stories of doing good and I will gladly post on here as well as mail you a #DA2014 Good Place bracelet while supplies last.

My last wish is that even after Good Place ends, continue to do good and live your life helping others.  If you have any charity projects of your own, I will gladly post on here and tweet about it!! Be sure to follow AFAC on twitter as well as Good Place!

This ride has been amazing…but its time to get off and move on… there is lots of good to be done!



The Act of Forgiveness: To Forgive Heals the Soul

One day one of my friends was crying and approached me.  Of course, I immediately asked “Whats wrong with you ?”. .It turns out she had a fight with her playmates because they was insulting her boyfriend with inappropriate words.
She was resentful to her playmates and she said “until whenever I’m not going to forgive!!!”But I said to her “Really?? Hey girl,we are living only temporarily there’s no point hating someone, it will harm our selves, so forgive them ,God alone is most forgiving, Why aren”t you??”
And Now they have  forgiven each other!
This is my story, so i think forgiving someone is good deed =)
~Jenny from Indonesia

Feeding the Hungry One Smile at a Time

feed the hungry
Hello my fellow Archies,
Couldn’t resist including my story of the last couple years. I started volunteering for my church in 2011 and continue to do so today. I act as the morning receptionist and answer phones and assist around the office, but my greatest reward comes from helping the poor of the community who come in each day for food donations.
My church has a food closet program that offers a monthly emergency bag to each household that comes in to the office to request one as well as a larger once-a-month Saturday distribution where each person receives two bags. Seeing the smile on each person’s face and knowing I’m making a difference by being there so that they can get food for their families is incredibly gratifying.
Recently we’ve had one regular who was diagnosed with end stage cancer. I’ve become fond of him over the months that he’s come in and have been looking out for him since his diagnosis, making sure he gets something each time he comes in. It does my heart good to know that I’m giving him comfort in his last days. His smile when we chat is like God’s light. 
My church also presented me with the opportunity to volunteer at a camp for the developmentally disabled in NorCal last summer. This was another extremely gratifying experience as I have always felt a kinship with the differently-abled population. And on top of my church works, my career also provides an opportunity for them as I tutor at-risk children throughout my hometown and neighboring communities. I feel David’s inspiration every day and will continue to bring it with me in all I do. 

She Honored her Mom and Helped a Stranger in Need

helping hands

 Today on my way to work I saw a homeless person standing in front of Dunkin Donuts.
It was frigid out today and he looked very cold and was just standing there.

As I went into Dunkin Donuts to get my latte, I was thinking of my Mom who just passed away Dec. 27th and had her funeral on New Year’s Eve. She was a very thoughtful, giving sweet person like David. I was thinking of my Mom and David and I decided to buy an extra cup of coffee to give to that man.

When I came out he was gone. So I walked around looking for him. I said to myself, he couldn’t have gone
very far now. So I went to the corner and looked…nothing. I walked a block and went to another corner
and looked and nothing. So, just as I was about to give up and didn’t know what to do with this extra cup
of coffee in my hand I walked to my job and lo and behold there was the man walking right my way.

I went up to him and said: “Excuse me but I bought this cup of coffee for you. I saw you standing outside
Dunkin Donuts and you looked really cold…so Merry Christmas.” The man had no teeth but smiled a cute
little smile at me and said oohhh thank you very much. I said, your welcome. I actually went looking for you.
We just smiled at each other and both wished each other a good day.

It really made me feel good to do that.
I did it because I was thinking of My Mom and David. I was thinking about the kind, thoughtful, gentle ways they
both have and how they affect other people’s lives with their generosity of spirit.


~A Dedicated David Fan helping others

Doing Good to Help local Orphans in Many Ways!

Good place for # DA2014


Today I have realized all the good I have done with all my friends from college. We organized social events, donated some clothes and food to orphanages.  It brings us joy to help the orphans. Hopefully this can make them happy too and make the place we live better. 🙂
~Good place for # DA2014


A visit to an Orphanage puts a Smile on Many Faces!



My classmate and I wanted to share.  We brought the joy and happiness of Ramadan with kids in Al-Isa, a small orphanage in poor areas of my district. So, we decided to iftar or breaking the fast together with them. Before adzan is comes, we decided to play a funny game with them. In Bahasa it’s called “Jujur atau Diberi Perintah”. There were many kids who were very excited to play this with us. There was so much laughter and jokes in this games… and in a few hours later we heard the sound of adzan, so  we began to iftar or dinner together to break our fasting… and in the end, we give some money to charity to help them…

This is my story, there is so many ways to make the world a good place!
Make the World a Good Place!
~A from Indonesia

A Diligent Student’s Hard Work Pays Off!

goodplace (1)
When I was in Junior High School, maybe I was a lazy student. But everything had changed when I was on 3rd Junior High School. Just because I would face the Final Examination, I had to overcome my lazyness and learned all  the material again that I didn’t understand before. For about 6 months,  I studied hard in order to make my scores go up and now I graduated from Junior High School. And the result, I got bearable scores and with a miracle from God  I could still be in a favorite High School in my hometown. And now, in my 1st class in High School I would be more diligent and always trying to reach for the good scores. And a month ago, I had just finished my 1st Final Semester Examination and the result is I got the 4th rank in my school. I was just surprised and happy, and so is my family! And right from this, I can make some definitions that the key of being a successful person is to be patient, always pray and  keep trying. Sometimes, success doesn’t come right away in our life.  However, it doesnt’t mean that God didn’t hear our wish but He only wants to test our patience.
~Adinda from Indonesia 😀

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